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5 unique ideas to create packaging for your products

The companies that had done the best work in designing their packaging and their websites did better than the companies with poor design. In 2005, The Design Council (a group of designers) surveyed 63 portfolios of companies that traded on the Financial Times Stock Exchange (FTSE) and discovered that companies that put more effort in design got more chances to prosper and excel in the market as compared to the one that is poor in design. Survey of the past decade shows that how the companies with best designs have outperformed (shown in red line) against the top 100 businesses on the FTSE (green line)! Or as per the study of design council report, “every £100 a design alert business spends on design increases turnover by £225”. So, it is right to say that your design matters.

Stronger design is equal to stronger consumer trust:

Without being biased to the web designs and the physical design, both matters. As they create the first impression on the client, they also create your consumer trust. From the styling of the product to the designing, everything has an impact on the consumer mind.

Talking about your site, if your site does not have good design, it will not be read and acknowledge. So, the user end not only needs to be rapid in browsing but also be perfectly designed to grab attention. This also makes your clients interest in you as they will ponder on the fact that you have invested in your website and business so they need to look for the work you have put. The same is the case with the packaging designs.

Here 5 unique designs are mentioned that you should not hesitate to try. They are perfect for you to grab the attention of your client at once and to outreach them with your packaging skills.

  1. Pattern design
  2. Minimal Designs
  3. Brown paper bags
  4. Add some character
  5. Kraft paper use

Design#1: Use patterns in Designs:

Not a Creative designer? Not have much budget to hire a designer? Well, these are the usual hurdles when starting up a business. So, for that reason, the best thing is to use a classic and colorful design that will attract your clients. Go for the patterns while designing packaging. This way you have two reasons to attract one is the design and the other is your text that will be plain and catch the attention instantly.

Design #2: Go Simple:

It is okay to design your packaging boxes, simple and unique. So, instead of getting into the large content and pictures, it is best to keep it simple and interesting. You can add liners on the packaging that catches the attention instead of going into the detail. It saves you from the hassle of design and the information can be conveyed to the audience as well. It keeps the look professional as well.


Design #3: Make design Handy:

Designing is not the only option rather, you have to make it accessible and convenient for your users as well. So, instead of making it fancy why not design it in a way that makes it convenient for your clients to use as well. Paper bags are perfect to package your gifts when you are short on time and on a budget as well. You can get the bags printed in different colors or the simple bleached paper works too.

Paper bags

Design #4: Add a life:

You must be tired of getting too much sophistication in packaging. So, if your target audience is kids or the products of the kid, they need to be full of life. That conveys the story of their selves. So for that purpose add a character to your brand. For instance, your brand related to dog food, instead of mentioning it why not gives information by adding a character in it. The same example is shown in the picture below:

Monster boxes

Design #5: Go plain and Krafty:

What matters is not the simplicity but the craftiness. You can always make your packaging low cost but classy by using the Kraft texture. They are perfect for your soap packaging as well as for the bags. Moreover, the company’s like Custom Design Packaging Boxes provides you with the perfect option to print these Krafty packaging with your logo designs and prints. Otherwise, the material used is classy and gives a great texture to your packaging.

What matters is how you sell?

So next time don’t try to justify a poor branding design by just saying that your content is great and different, because 94% of the reason the business does not get much appreciation as their content is that they lack the sense of design. While, 6% was for content-related issues so, if your content could be stellar and as top-notch as ever, but a poor brand design can bring it all to a crashing halt.

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