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Custom design packaging boxes are the best way to elevate sales through effective marketing techniques. Do you know the types of packaging that can be customized? How can you make a box for packaging that perfectly fits in the product as well as stand out in the market? It’s easy to say that with the best logo boxes you can advertise your logo but the question is how to make your own packaging with a perfect logo and custom packaging box design?

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custom design packaging boxes

Outer packaging

It is the first layer of packaging that consumers see when receive the parcel. It’s what protects your product from the elements. Mostly they are used for shipment purpose. And this includes the box that the product is shipped in or the shopping bag the item is placed in at the store.

custom design packaging boxes

Inner packaging

This can be retail packaging for specific product or products of same type. This might be packing peanuts or tissue paper that stops something from getting jostled or scraped. Or it might be a sealed bag that acts to preserve freshness.

custom design packaging boxes

Product packaging

It is the packaging on your product that can be a box, label on bottle or tag on garment or wrapper of the candy. Each one of these layers of packaging gives you a chance to tell a part of your story.

Steps of selecting custom packaging box design

Content that needs
to go on the packaging

You package needs to look pretty, appealing and unique at the same time. But there are some legal reason due to which, you are required to put content on your packaging as per industry requirement. But you’ll want to make sure you have it all sorted out before you start design and for that purpose, you need the following details

  • Written copy
  • Image if needed
  • Required marks
  • Know what temporary content you need
custom design packaging boxes

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